At SN Bolting, we strive to work to the very highest levels from a quality / technical perspective. As service-driven project management specialists, we operate a highly detailed ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, that functions on intricate Operating Procedures & Processes. Covering all types of certifications, documentation, and additional testing, our stringent operating processes prioritise product quality and continuous improvement. You can download a PDF version of our ISO 9001:2015 certificate, issued by the British Assessment Bureau (BAB), at the link below. 

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100% Traceability

Most of our parts are lightly etched with the manufacturer’s symbol (SNB), material grade, and 3-digit cast code. This ensures 100% individual part traceability to the original Mill. Taking pride in our technical expertise, we take quality extremely seriously and monitor all aspects of our business with KPIs and performance targets.



Parts are inspected at every stage of production by our QA facility, via the use of fully calibrated measuring equipment. This includes:

Inspections Quality Page

  • Digital Verniers

  • Thread Ring Gauges

  • Thread Plug Gauges

  • Thread Micrometers

  • Digital Micrometers

  • Computerised Shadowgraph

Specific measuring equipment/gauge calibration reports can be sent to you upon request for your own validation purposes. All measuring equipment is calibrated at UKAS-accredited laboratories only.

Certification and Documentation

Certification and Documentation Quality Page

  • BS EN 10204:2.1 Certificate of Conformity

  • BS EN 10204:3.1 Certification

  • BS EN 10204:3.2 Certification

  • (Third Party Witnessed - Lloyds, DNV, TUV)

  • Original Mill Certificates

  • Manufacture Route Plans

  • ISIRs, Inspection and Dimensional Reports

  • Heat Treatment CoCs and Furnace Charts

  • UKAS Test Reports

  • Coating / Plating CoCs and Test Reports

  • Measuring Equipment Calibration Records

  • Life Time Quality Records

  • Master Record Books

  • F.A.I.R Pack (inc. to AS9102)

  • Inspection Test Plans (ITPs)

  • PPAP Level 1-3

Additional Testing

Additional Testing Quality Page

  • Spectrographic (Chemical) Analysis

  • Tensile (Full Size, Turned and Wedge)

  • Proof Load

  • Hardness

  • Charpy Impact (Izod and V-Notch)

  • Carburisation and De-Carburisation

  • Stress Rupture

  • PMI (Positive Material Identification)

  • MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection)

  • Liquid / Dye Penetrant

  • IGC (Intergranular Corrosion)

  • Microstructure and Macro Etch

  • UT (Ultrasonic Testing)

All testing is performed externally at independent UKAS-accredited laboratories. Test reports will be supplied in our certification packs if applicable.


High Professional Standards

Our technical project experts cover all aspects of quality management and testing.